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Best sausages

As a sausage freak , the best sausages I've had . Full of taste flavour, cooked evenly, little fat , thin skinned fabulous

Fran Morris


Dear Tamblyns,
we purchased your beef and tribute sausages at the flavour fest yesterday. we ate them last night. we officially rate these as the best sausages we have ever eaten.
Chris Moore

We were on holiday in Cornwall and went out for a meal in a pub far off the beaten track. They served us a trio of Cornish sausages with mash and onion gravy.The meal was delicious and the sausages were the best i have ever eaten. We asked the landlord about the sausages and he told us Tamblyns produced them. before we left Cornwall we drove to Tamblyns farm and bought quite a few packs of sausages to take home.I was delighted when Tamblyns opened their online shop and have since made quite a few online orders.These are the only sausages my family will eat now. They are fantastic. 

Sharon Nott

We came upon these sausages whilst on holiday in Polperro and have to say that they are the most delicious sausages we've ever had.They cooked well, not bursting under the grill,they have a lovely texture and the taste is out of this world. We tried the Pork and apple ones. We will definately be ordering some more. Fantastic 

Hi. I bought some sausages from you at the Food festival in Exeter last month. They were stunning!!! 
Mark Patrick

Message: I bought your sausages from the Xmas Fair at Saltram and they are delicious.
Mrs.Julis Marston

We recently purchased a pack of you Pork & Apple and Pork & Tomato sausages at the Dartmouth Food Fest. They were beautiful, best we've had in a long time, and would like to get some more. We are in Exmouth, can you advise how we can order some from you or your nearest stockist. Regards Sue & Steve Young   Very Tasty

These sausages are very tasty. When cooked they are quite soft in texture but in a good way. I cooked them by themselves then added some honey at the end. Absolutely delicious and a good addition to my dinner party. Will definitely buy again. Susan Wooton



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