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The Tamblyn family

  Carol, Jonathan, Martin & Anne

with growing families, we became disappointed by the quality of sausages and burgers that are available locally, so we decided to try 

making our own in our farm kitchen. 

With great feed back about our first attempts we realized that 

people were prepared to pay for sausages and burgers made with better quality ingredients, so that is how our business began.

We now sell our products in Devon and Cornwall with van delivery and

 also increasingly online, with our overnight delivery service.


Sausages like the good old days!

"I purchased Tamblyns traditional sausages at the exeter festival of food and drink after trying dozens from other stalls, but these were absolutely the best. Sometimes when you cook the product yourself at home it doesn't live up to expectations but my sausage connoisseur family said they were the tastiest ever; the only negative is that we didnt buy more! thanks Tamblyns for a truly terrific sausage. "    Kate Daniels .

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Our ingredients

finest Cornish ingredients

We are proud of our Cornish heritage  and the fact that there are so many great small food producers near to us. We make varieties of sausages that reflect our area by including fine ingredients from these

artisan producers. Our Cornish Blue cheese sausage for example uses fantastic cheese made only eight miles away at Upton Cross and our cider and apple juice varieties are made from Cornish Orchards near to us at Duloe. Check out our great varieties from the online store and try a fine taste of Cornwall.

Our Cornish Farm

a glimpse of our farm 

In 1943 John and Clara Tamblyn came upon the idea to diversify their farming business and start a butchers round in Plymouth. Now many years later the Tamblyn grandsons, Jonathon and Martin have followed their Grandparents’ lead and are producing hand-made gourmet sausages from their turn of the century converted barns at their farm in Blunts near Saltash.
Martin and Jonathan’s wives Carol and Anne have joined the business helping to produce and market the sausages to bistros, hotels, pubs and restaurants in the local area, completing the family biased business.

Tamblyn’s values extend throughout the farm and on to countryside stewardship in general. Within the farms acres wildlife strips are being encouraged, wild flower meadows are left to blossom, 2 lakes have been developed and there is a constant programme of tree planting and hedge maintenance. There is a Tamblyn mandate to produce the very best Cornish produce from the very best in Cornish environments.

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“As a sausage freak , the best sausages I've had . Full of taste flavour, cooked evenly, little fat , thin skinned fabulous”



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