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Spring is on it's way!

It's great to have the first glimpses of spring sunshine, and the first daffodils here in Cornwall showing that winter is on it's way out. Check out our website to see the great discount that we have on Gluten free sausages and our fantastic Beef and onion burgers, to celebrate the end of winter.

March 13.2017

It is looking like a busy week ahead for us on the farm; this dry weather will allow us to get onto the fields. It is time to sow the spring corn and beans, both crops used to feed the pigs and cattle through next winter. William, our son, is busy today applying a dressing of manure to the fields to enrich the soil before sowing. He is with us two days a week and is building his skills and knowledge before going off to Uni in September to study Agriculture (then he can tell his father how jobs on the farm should be done!)

Lets hope the sun shines all week! It certainly was beautiful at Caerhays yesterday, when we managed a couple of hours off and took our bouncing springer spaniel Hazel to the beach.

It was lovely to see so many people out enjoying a glorious day. The backdrop of Caerhays Castle and the wonderful magnolias in full bloom are a breathtaking sight. Well worth a visit.

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